Beyond Shadows


  • Paolo Bortolussi - Flute, Alto Fllute
  • Eric Wilson - Cello
  • Corey Hamm - Piano
  • Cris Inguanti - Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
  • Brian Nesselroad - Percussion

Track List

1Beyond ShadowsDorothy Chang - Composer
2DoublingChris Paul Harman - Composer
311 Pieces for Flute and Piano: I - PersistentMarc Mellits - Composer
411 Pieces for Flute and Piano: II - DistraughtMarc Mellits - Composer
511 Pieces for Flute and Piano: III - PlumpMarc Mellits - Composer
611 Pieces for Flute and Piano: IV - RelentlessMarc Mellits - Composer
711 Pieces for Flute and Piano: V - DauntlessMarc Mellits - Composer
811 Pieces for Flute and Piano: VI - LanguidMarc Mellits - Composer
911 Pieces for Flute and Piano: VII - ImpatientMarc Mellits - Composer
1011 Pieces for Flute and Piano: VIII - KaleidoscopicMarc Mellits - Composer
1111 Pieces for Flute and Piano: IX - PlumpMarc Mellits - Composer
1211 Pieces for Flute and Piano: X - InsaneMarc Mellits - Composer
1311 Pieces for Flute and Piano: XI - FranticMarc Mellits - Composer
14Twenty-Two Arguments for the Suspension of DisbeliefBrian Cherney - Composer
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It’s a real privilege to play with The Nu:BC Collective (Corey Hamm piano, Eric Wilson cello, Paolo Bortolussi flute)! Here we play works written for Nu:BC by Brian Cherney (Twenty-Two Arguments for the Suspension of Disbelief) , Chris Paul Harman (Doubling), and existing works by Dorothy Chang (Beyond Shadows), Marc Mellits (11 Pieces for Flute and Piano). Dorothy’s work was nominated for Best Classical Composition at the 2015 Western Canada Music Awards!


"The Nu:BC Collective put a cool, hip face on classical music in Vancouver. Their name is a play on the acronym for the University of British Columbia, where they are all in residence, and where this CD of varied, highly entertaining music was recorded."

Laurence Vittes, Gramophone Magazine March 2015

"It is also extremely difficult music to play well, and the members of the collective are to be commended for their ability to both cope with the exceptional technical demands and make something coherent out of it. This is a fascinating disc of modern music, played by musicians who seem to me deeply committed to this ideal."

Lynn Rene Bayley, Fanfare Magazine, May/June 2015

"... these performances seem to do everything for the music that can possibly be done. No one can fault The Nu:BC Collective for lacking a commitment to modern Canadian music, or for not giving the music the full measure of its considerable talent."

Raymond Tuttle, Fanfare Magazine May/June 2015

"This enterprising disc of new music is impeccably and beautifully presented." and "This is a marvelous exploration of compelling contemporary music. Recommended to those with an insatiable appetite for the new."

Colin Clarke, Fanfare Magazine May/June 2015