Michael Tenzer: Let Others Name You

80697-2 New Worlds Records


  • Michael Tenzer - Composer

Track List

1Unstable Center (Puser Balah)Genta Buana Sari and Sanggar Çudamani collectives
2Invention and Elude: InventionNaoko Chris-Kato - Piano
3Invention and Elude: EludeNaoko Chris-Kato - Piano
4Underlead (Buk Katah)Sanggar Çudamani collective
Vancouver musicians
5Resolution (Tabuh Gari)OSSIA Ensemble
Wayan Sudirana - Balinese Drums
Michael Tenzer - Balineze Drums
David Jacobs - Conductor

Corey Hamm is pianist in Michael Tenzer’s Buk Katah (2006) for Balinese gamelan and western septet.