PEP (Piano & Erhu Projects): Volume Two


  • Nicole Ge Li - Erhu
  • Corey Hamm - Piano

Track List

1Four Short Poems: Flight of FancyDorothy Chang - Composer
2Four Short Poems: Green Sheep TangoDorothy Chang - Composer
3Four Short Poems: AirDorothy Chang - Composer
4Four Short Poems: Walls of joyDorothy Chang - Composer
5Homage to Liu WenjinKeith Hamel - Composer
6Who Made the Inch of GrassAaron Gervais - Composer
7Such That I Left a DreamDaniel Marshall - Composer
8Suppose I was a MarigoldEmily Doolittle - Composer
9A Garden of TransplantsElizabeth Raum - Composer
10Chorale ThrenodyDouglas Finch - Composer
11Imaginary Garden I. snow-in-summerHope Lee - Composer
12Mainland SonataRemy Siu - Composer
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Corey Hamm and Nicole Ge Li’s duo PEP (Piano and Erhu Project) perform new works written for PEP by Canadian and Chinese composers, including Dorothy Chang (Four Short Poems), Keith Hamel (Homage to Liu Wenjin), Aaron Gervais (Who Made the Inch of Grass), Daniel Marshall (such that i left a dream), Emily Doolittle (suppose i was a marigold), Elizabeth Raum (A Garden of Transplants), Douglas Finch (Choral Threnody), Hope Lee (Imaginary Garden 1. snow in summer), Remy Siu (mainland sonata). Keith’s work was nominated for Best Classical Composition at the 2015 Western Canada Music Awards!


"PEP sets our expectations of New Music against sounds often associated with traditional music and in doing that provides something that is as fresh as it is unique."

Jason Hall, Vancouver Observer, Mar. 2015

“The duo’s musically nuanced playing, combined with repertoire freshly commissioned in 2013 and 2014 - attractively captured in this recording - has caught the attention of critical ears. the album earned a nomination for Classical Recording of the Year at the 2015 western Canadian Music Awards. Given the rewards on display here and PEP’s ever-growing repertoire and reputation, in what musical directions will Volume 3 take us?”

Andrew Timar, WholeNote Sept./Oct.. 2015