PEP (Piano & Erhu Projects): Volume One


  • Nicole Ge Li - Erhu
  • Corey Hamm - Piano

Track List

1a long the riverrunScott Goddin - Composer
2Blues n' GroovesRoydon Tse - Composer
3LamentationEdward Top - Composer
4CaptiveJared Miller - Composer
5VerdigrisJorcelyn Morlock - Composer
6Eternity Graze - Looking Outward TogetherJohn Oliver - Composer/Guitar
7Eternity Graze - Forgetting TimeJohn Oliver - Composer/Guitar
8Eternity Graze - In a MirrorJohn Oliver - Composer/Guitar
9Eternity Graze - Here, NowJohn Oliver - Composer/Guitar
10Moonless NightMichael Park - Composer
11All Over the MapLaurie Radford - Composer
12TwilightChen Si Ang - Composer
13GoldfishMark Armanini - Composer
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Corey Hamm and Nicole Ge Li’s duo PEP (Piano and Erhu Project) perform new works written for PEP by Canadian and Chinese composers, including Scott Godin a long the riverrun, Roydon Tse Blues n’ Grooves, Edward Top Lamentation, Jared Miller Captive, Jocelyn Mlorlock Verdegris, John Oliver Eternity Gaze, Michael Park Moonless Night, Laurie Radford All Over the Map, Chen Si Ang Twilight, Mark Armanini Goldfish.


"Rather than an intercultural vanity project, their collective music-making focuses on polished, musically engaged readings of recently commissioned scores. It's also a reflection of Vancouver's rich, ever-evolving, pan-Pacific scene." and "The polished scores they have produced for PEP are all performed with care and elan, and bear repeated listening."

Andrew Timar, WholeNote Feb. 2015

"... a very worthwhile musical adventure featuring two exceptional musicians in an eclectic series of works."

Lynn rene Bayley, Fanfare Magazine May/June 2015

"Much thought and affection has gone into this project, and I look forward to the release of the second volume."

RaymondTuttle, Fanfare Magazine May/June 2015