Red Desert

9450 Bridge Records 2015


  • David Crumb - Composer

Track List

1September ElegyFritz Gearhart - Violin
Corey Hamm - Piano
2SoundingsJerome Simas - Clarinet
Steve Vacchi - Bassoon
Corey Hamm - Piano
3Red Desert Triptych: Rock Cathedrals RisingMarcantonio Barone - Piano
4Red Desert Triptych: Dance of the HoodoosMarcantonio Barone - Piano
5Red Desert Triptych: Arches: Fantasy-Passacaglia and Fugue on a Theme by J.S. BachMarcantonio Barone - Piano
6Primordial FantasyMarcantonio Barone - Solo Piano
Robert Ponto - Conductor
Melissa Peña - Oboe
Louis DeMartino - Clarinet
Lydia Van Dreel - Horn
Laura Zaerr - Harp
Sean Wagoner - Percussion
Pius Cheung - Percussion
Kathryn Lucktenberg - Viola
Steven Pologe - Cello
Tyler Abbott - Bass

Corey Hamm in chamber music of David Crumb:

September Elegy (2001) (with Fritz Gearhart violin),
Soundings (1994) (with Jerry Simas clarinet, Steve Vacchi bassoon).


... a composer who writes music to which performers cannot help but give full measure, as violinist fritz Gearhart and pianist Corey Hamm do in September Elegy. In Soundings, played with colour and verve by Jerome Simas, Steve Vacchi and Hamm, he produces a delicious new sonic environment by setting the two trilling, crooning and rollicking woodwinds against a glittering piano score”

Laurence Vittes Gramophone Magazine August 2015